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Dropping Acid Around Campus

Acid Drop Logo.jpg


ACID Drop is our radio show! Dropping student stories, accessibility discussions, and resources weekly; its always a trip! Check us out __ at __ on CHMA.

Bad Rep Bingo

This year, join us for a virtual movie night, with a spoonie twist! Keep your eyes peeled in the fall for our movie selection and trigger list!


Speaker Series

This is the second year of our annual speaker series. This year we are talking about disability in the workplace and adjusting to the new normal with disabilities. The series will be held virtually this year. Keep an eye out in early 2021 for our list of 3 speakers and Q&A panel!


Join us twice a month for virtual spoonie tea time and some fun games and discussion!

We are really hoping to get a basic ESL session or two this year! Stay tuned for updates, and click the button to let us know you're interested!

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